Knife Sharpener Angle Guide

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Elevate your knife sharpening routine with the precision and convenience of the TAIDEA Knife Sharpener Angle Guide. This innovative guide is designed to optimize the sharpening process, ensuring that your knives achieve the perfect angle for optimal sharpness.

Crafted from a durable combination of plastic and ceramics, this guide is ideal for use with Taidea sharpening stones. The use of ceramics adds a protective strip, enhancing the longevity of the guide and ensuring consistent, high-quality results with each use.

The non-slip bottom ensures stability, making it a must-have for efficient and secure sharpening.

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  • This sharpening guide positions the knife at the perfect angle for sharpening
  • Ideal to use with Taidea sharpening stones for fast precision sharpening
  • Features a ceramic protective strip for durable use
  • Wipe clean only
  • Material: Plastic + Ceramics
  • Color: Black
  • Size:100 x 20 x 16mm 
  • Weight:18g

How to Use the TAIDEA Knife Sharpener Angle Guide:

  1. Fix Angle Guide:
    • Place the TAIDEA Knife Sharpener Angle Guide on the appropriate location of the knife blade. Ensure that it is securely fixed in place to maintain the desired sharpening angle.
  2. Hold Knife and Guide:
    • With both hands, hold the handle of the knife and the back of the knife blade. The ceramic part of the angle guide should be in contact with the surface of the whetstone or diamond sharpener.
  3. Position Knife Blade:
    • Position the knife blade into the fixed angle provided by the angle guide. This step is crucial for achieving consistent and precise sharpening results.
  4. Move the Blade:
    • With the knife securely positioned in the angle guide, move the blade back and forth over the sharpener. Use controlled and even strokes to ensure uniform sharpening across the entire length of the blade.
  5. Repeat as Needed:
    • Continue the sharpening process by repeating the back-and-forth motion until the desired level of sharpness is achieved. For optimal results, follow the recommended sharpening techniques for the type of knife and the sharpening tool being used.
  6. Little Pressure:
    • Apply gentle pressure during the sharpening process. The ceramic part of the angle guide helps maintain the correct angle, allowing for effective sharpening without excessive force.
  7. Check Sharpness:
    • Periodically check the sharpness of the blade by carefully assessing its cutting ability. If needed, repeat the sharpening process until the desired sharpness is attained.
  8. Clean After Use:
    • After completing the sharpening process, clean the knife blade and the angle guide. Wipe off any residual metal particles or debris to maintain the effectiveness of the sharpening tools.

Following these steps will help you effectively use the TAIDEA Knife Sharpener Angle Guide, ensuring that your knives are consistently sharpened to perfection.

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