Filter Set for Biocera Alkaline Water Jug (3 pcs/set)

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3 Piece Filter Set for Biocera Alkaline Water Jug


1.Coarse pre filter: particle pre filter hindering visible particles to enter the filter bed.

2.PP pre filter, a fine polypropylene mush preventing any smaller particles or sediment to enter into the filter media, thus clogging or covering the filter media.

3.Activated carbon (or resin) filter bed: Activated carbon granules act like a magnet, attracting chlorine (taste and odor), as well as organic compounds suck as benzene (of present in your water)

4.Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Ceramic Balls

  • Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins
  • Hydrogen(H2) to remove activated oxidant
  • Changes water into Alkaline water(pH)
  • Small water molecules are absorbs small water molecules more quickly
  • Dissolves bodily acidic wastes (Prevention of constipation)
  • Supplies minerals to help metabolism


Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Filter

  • Decreases Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) making the water Antioxidant Alkaline. Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Water has a fresh taste.
  • Smaller water clusters increase the vitality and positive effect of water. Also, NMR-Analyses (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) show that normal tap water has a size of about 100 to 130 (Hz) H20 molecules. After passage through the Biocera Jug Filter, the size becomes 50 to 60 (Hz) H20 molecules.




What it does?

Our alkaline water pitcher replenishes the purified water with additional minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium that helps to run the heart, brain and body to their fullest. Also our pitchers contain excessive Hydrogen to absorb the activated oxidant free radical from human body. Also this mineral water jug is easy to transport and safe to carry. They contain water clusters that are capable of increasing body hydration and water retention in skin so that it does not turn itchy and lose moisture. Basically this generates clear and neat water ideal to drink and quench thirst.

What is the pitcher made up of?

So, what does it contain and how to operate this alkaline water jug. First is a coarse Pre-filter that stops big contaminants from polluting the water. The second PP layer also helps in preventing clogging of the filter and also to prevent small dirt or dust that sneaks inside unnoticed. Thirdly, this super duper filter comes with an active carbon bed that can absorb organic wastes from human blood.

ORP Facts

At Biocera, our expert antioxidant filter reduces oxygen potential by counter balancing with hydrogen ion. This disease, cancer causing, active oxygen free radical suppression helps in elimination of cancerous shows.(Can you make this sentence better without getting rid of the adjective ‘cancer-causing’?) To be healthier, wealthier and merrier all one has to do is to book our Biocera alkaline pitcher right now!

Drinking water when thirsty is what any common man does. But drinking safe, mineral rich and purified water from alkaline jar to stay away from diseases is the thought of the day- and this is exactly what we at Biocera aim at! No diseases…live in peace!

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