Replacement filters for Biocera Water Bottle

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The bioceramic cartridge should be replaced once a year.

This is based on drinking 1.5 litres per day from the bottle.

Filter Exchange

1. Open the bottom cap by rotating it clockwise.

2. Replace the used filter with a new one.

3. Close the bottom cap by rotating it counterclockwise (secure the cap fully to prevent leakage).

4. The filter can last up to 1 year, assuming daily consumption of 1.5 litres and proper maintenance.

5. Do not remove the bottom cap unless filter replacement is necessary.

The deoxygenation filters contain Biocera?s ceramic balls?that are?certified by NSF, FDA,?and CE for safety.The ceramic balls contained in the filter release hydrogen, calcium, magnesium,potassium, and other beneficial minerals.

Furthermore, no harmful heavy metals are emitted since all the ceramic balls that are used are certified for safety by the NSF.

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